Bugs and Lola Bunny!

Hello Zillas!
A photo about a cosplay couple: Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny from Space Jam, design by Sakimi-chan.
I love Sakimi-chan’s art! She’s really good at drawing, painting and creating humans characters design.
I hope to meet her one day just for saying “You are a genius!”
Meanwhile i’m glad to cosplaying with this awesome Bugs Bunny weared by Kalenji Cosplay.
Kalenji is a young Italian cosplayer, lives in my same city; Trieste.
In the next days we will meet to shoot some photos together with  the photographer Andrea Doz , maybe in a gym or in a basketball court.
We are just waiting cooler days.
The photo was shooted in Riminicomix, the last weekend and was a very very hot day; look these dehydratated expressions 😛
Cooler days, we are looking for you!

Ph. Andrea Doz
Ph. Andrea Doz


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